Ron Esplin returns from a South East Asian Odyssey: - 15th Dec 2013

Ron Esplin returns from his South East Asian Odyssey:

I have just returned from an exhilarating month travelling from New Zealand to Singapore, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, and Manila.
The sights, the colours, the aromas, and the noise were the physical cacophony that our senses were assailed by, and I will tell you more in due course, but I did a couple of paintings of Nepal while away, and I am itching to share them with you. The dichotomy of peaceful places like Durbar Square, the subject of one painting, then the buzzing activity in the streets outside, the subject of the other painting, are indicative of that part of the world.

Dire Warnings:

Despite dire warnings about the water, the food, and the culture shock, we found that the people were welcoming and good humoured, and we survived without experiencing "Delhi Belly".
Their approach to visitors, is that the guest is God, and we certainly experienced the feeling that we were honoured guests wherever we went.

"Book it":

The people were the source of our most lasting memories, and I am indebted to a well travelled friend whom I asked before we decided to go. I asked him, "I am thinking about going to India, what do you think?" His reply was to the point, and good advice. "Book it!", and I am glad I did.

View the pictured by clicking on the following link: Ron Esplin returns from a South East Asian Odyssey:

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