Esplin Art News Feed Esplin Art Ron Esplin presents Wonderful Watercolour at the Dunedin Art Show 2020<h2><strong><a href="/news/Ron-Esplin-presents-Wonderful-Watercolour-session-at-the-Dunedin-Art-Show-Sunday-10-November-2019-29-Oct-2019" data-object-ref="scm_news:75">Ron Esplin presents &quot;Wonderful Watercolour&quot;<br /> 10AM to 4PM Sunday 22 November 2020&nbsp;</a><br /> <br /> At the Dunedin Art Show 2020:</strong></h2> Learn the finer points of watercolour painting at A Wonderful Watercolour Session which is to be featured at the Dunedin Art Show at the Edgar Stadium on Sunday 22 November 2020 10AM to 4PM. <h3><strong>An introduction to the joy of Watercolour:</strong></h3> A fun and practical introduction to the joy of Watercolour. Class includes a free workbook. <h3><strong>All Workshop costs include a 2 day ticket to the Dunedin Art Show:</strong></h3> Beginner to Intermediate level $105. All Workshop costs include a 2 day ticket to the Dunedin Art Show.<br /> Book online at Phone 03 2188180.<br /> <br /> For images click on this link:<br /> <a href="/news/Ron-Esplin-presents-Wonderful-Watercolour-at-the-Dunedin-Art-Show-2020-10-Nov-2020" data-object-ref="scm_news:78">Ron Esplin presents Wonderful ... r at the Dunedin Art Show 2020</a><br /> &nbsp;<br /> or copy and load this site:&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;1604919600 Esplin presents Wonderful Watercolour at the Dunedin Art Show 2020 Community Night Classes set to return to Dunedin<h2>Community Night Classes set to return to Dunedin:</h2> Southland Education manager Lesley du Mez of Invercargill said the Workers Education Association (WEA) was set to provide low cost community education in Dunedin &quot;Allowing people to gain skills, increase confidence and engage with their community&quot; <h2>The first set of art workshops at the South Dunedin Community Rooms are starting on August 6 2020:</h2> The first set of classes was a series of art workshops at the South Dunedin Community Rooms starting on August 6. Topics include drawing for beginners, acrylic painting, watercolour painting, patchwork, and creating art journals. The first four classes are full but funding is being sought to provide a continuation series of classes in Dunedin as soon as the first series have finished. <h2>Ron Esplin will be teaching the watercolour classes:</h2> Association tutor Ron Esplin said that he would be teaching the watercolour classes. He would teach beginners the techniques required to master what is regarded as a really difficult medium. With a bit of guidance to kick beginners off you will find it to be a very rewarding medium. The watercolour class is entitled &quot;Wonderful Watercolour&quot;. <h2>Other Classes:</h2> Other classes are:<br /> Introduction to drawing.<br /> Beginners Acrylic painting course.<br /> Art Journaling for beginners&#39;<br /> Patchwork.<br /> <br /> For Enquiries&nbsp;Contact Southland Education<br /> 100 Esk St<br /> Invercargill 9810<br /> Ph: 032188180<br /><br /> <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> images at&nbsp;<a href=""></a>1601035200 Night Classes set to return to Dunedin Ron Esplin's illustrations for the upcoming book "Wonderlust"<h2>Ron and Julie wondered what were the Seven Wonders of the World?</h2> In 2009 Ron Esplin and his blind wife Julie Woods&nbsp;attended the World Conference celebrating the bicentennial of the birth of Louis Braille. They returned to New Zealand through Egypt and Jordan, and after they visited Petra, the &quot;Rose Red City&quot; and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, they wondered what were the other six Wonders? <h2>Let&#39;s go there!</h2> Since then, over the following six years, Ron and Julie visited.the Great Wall of China, the Colosseum in Rome, the Taj Mahal in India, the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, Machu Picchu in Peru, and Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. People often ask Julie, &quot;How can you sightsee when you have no sight?&quot; Julie&#39;s reply is &quot;I can still smell, hear, taste, and touch&quot;. <h2>Julie may be blind, but&nbsp;can still smell, hear, taste, and touch!</h2> Every day that they were travelling Julie would write a sensory diary recording one thing that she was grateful for smelling, hearing, tasting and touching! This is the way Julie interprets the World. And for Ron, what better inspiration for paintings than to be inspired by the awesome sights that they saw as they visited the Seven Wonders of the World!&nbsp; <h2>Now they are writing the book, &quot;Wonderlust&quot;, that describes their amazing journeys.</h2> Here are some of the paintings that were described by Ron and Julie in Ron&#39;s radio show, &quot;The Arty Farty Show&quot; which was broadcast on&nbsp;25.4.2020 at 11AM on Otago Access Radio, 105.4FM and now available for you to listen through their website https//;<br /> <br /> Link:&nbsp;<br /> <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;1587643200 Esplin's illustrations for the upcoming book "Wonderlust" Ron Esplin presents "Wonderful Watercolour" session at the Dunedin Art Show Sunday 10 November 2019<h2><strong><a href="/news/Ron-Esplin-presents-Wonderful-Watercolour-session-at-the-Dunedin-Art-Show-Sunday-10-November-2019-29-Oct-2019" data-object-ref="scm_news:75">Ron Esplin presents &quot;Wonderful ... Show Sunday 10 November 2019 </a><br /> <br /> A Wonderful Watercolour Session is to be featured at the Dunedin Art Show:</strong></h2> Wonderful Watercolour Session is to be featured at the Dunedin Art Show at the Edgar Stadium on Sunday 10 November 2019 10AM to 4PM. <h3><strong>A fun and practical introduction to the joy of Watercolour:</strong></h3> A fun and practical introduction to the joy of Watercolour. Class includes a free workbook. <h3><strong>All Workshop costs include a 2 day ticket to the Dunedin Art Show:</strong></h3> Beginner to Intermediate level $135. All Workshop costs include a 2 day ticket to the Dunedin Art Show.<br /> Book online at Phone 03 2188180. Esplin presents "Wonderful Watercolour" session at the Dunedin Art Show Sunday 10 November 2019 Invitation to "Beautiful Dunedin" art exhibition of work by Ron Esplin<h2><strong>&quot;Beautiful Dunedin&quot; Ron Esplin Exhibition at The Robert Piggott Gallery 8 Jetty St Dunedin:</strong></h2> Beautiful Dunedin is an exhibition of sixteen watercolours and one acrylic by Artist Ron Esplin illustrating his love for the city in which we live. &quot;It is my duty as an artist to point out the beauty that surrounds us. Mounting this exhibition with the help of Rob Piggott has been a pleasurable experience for me, and his peaceful gallery at 8 Jetty Street is a perfect environment for visitors to take some moments out of the daily hustle and bustle, and to contemplate these views of the city that we share with one another&quot;.&nbsp; <h2><strong>Come to the opening on Sunday 29 September:</strong></h2> The opening is from 2PM to 4PM on Sunday 29 September. The exhibition runs from Sunday to Tuesday the 15th of October. Opening hours are 10AM to 4PM on Saturdays and Sundays, and 12Noon to 2PM on Mondays and Tuesdays.<br /> LINK:<br /> <strong><a href="/news/Invitation-to-Beautiful-Dunedin-art-exhibition-of-work-by-Ron-Esplin-27-Sep-2019" data-object-ref="scm_news:74">Invitation to &quot;Beautiful Duned ... hibition of work by Ron Esplin</a></strong>.1569499200 to "Beautiful Dunedin" art exhibition of work by Ron Esplin<strong>INVITATION TO &quot;THREE OF A KIND&quot; by&nbsp;Ron Esplin, Andrew Cook &amp; Raimo Kuparinen</strong><br /> You are invited to the opening of &quot;Three Of A Kind&quot; at 5.30PM on Friday 3 August 2018 at The Robert Piggott Gallery at 8 Jetty Street, Dunedin.<br /> This collaborative exhibition features acrylic works on canvas by Ron Esplin that are a new and unexpected direction for Ron that display a humorous choice of subject matter.<br /> Andrew Cook is well known as the owner operator of Artzone art supply retail store in Hanover Street. Andrew is a highly competent artist in his own right and will be showing a selection of works in a variety of media.<br /> Raimo Kuparinen is a Finnish import who has introduced his imaginative works to New Zealand, and this exhibition will feature his fascinating three dimensional paintings that have to be seen to be believed.<br /> An image of the poster can be viewed through this link.<br /> <a href="/news/INVITATION-TO-THREE-OF-A-KIND-by-Ron-Esplin-Andrew-Cook-Raimo-Kuparinen-29-Jul-2018" data-object-ref="scm_news:73">INVITATION TO &quot;THREE OF A KIND ... Andrew Cook &amp;amp; Raimo Kuparinen</a>1532779200 By Request! "Bella Italia" exhibition open for two more days!<h2><strong>By Request! &quot;Bella Italia&quot; exhibition open for two more days!</strong></h2> In response to a number of requests, the &quot;Bella Italia&quot; exhibition of Ron Esplin watercolour paintings of Italy will be open for two more days only, Sat and Sunday the 19th and 20th of May from 10AM to 4PM at the Robert Piggott Gallery at 8 Jetty Street.<br /> See you there!<br /> Link for images:&nbsp;<a href="/news/By-Request-Bella-Italia-exhibition-open-for-two-more-days-16-May-2018" data-object-ref="scm_news:72">By Request! &quot;Bella Italia&quot; exh ... bition open for two more days!</a>1526385600 Request! "Bella Italia" exhibition open for two more days! Invitation to "Bella Italia"<h2><strong>INVITATION TO &quot;BELLA ITALIA&quot; by&nbsp;Ron Esplin:</strong></h2> You are invited to the opening of &quot;Bella Italia&quot; at 5.30PM on Friday 4 May at The Robert Piggott Gallery at 4 Jetty Street, Dunedin.<br /> The exhibition features watercolour works by Ron Esplin that reflects visits to Italy, notably to Cinque Terre, Venice, Florence and Rome.<br /> Ron has been busy painting at his studio in preparation for this exhibition, and has been painting some larger works to be included in the Main Gallery.<br /> <br /> Images can be viewed on the following link<br /> <a href=" h3strongTom"> <h3><strong>Tom</a> Esplin works also on display:</strong></h3> In the Annex Gallery some original works, plus prints and giclees on canvas&nbsp;by Ron&#39;s father Tom will also be available.<br /> The Exhibition is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10AM to 4PM, and on Mondays and Tuesdays from 12Noon to 2PM.&nbsp; It continues until Tuesday the 15th of May.1524916800 to "Bella Italia" INVITATION TO "ESPLIN" Tom, Clark & Ron<h2>INVITATION TO &quot;ESPLIN&quot; Tom, Clark &amp; Ron.&nbsp;</h2> <h2>A Unique Family exhibition:</h2> <h2>The Robert Piggott Gallery at 8 Jetty Street is hosting an unusual art exhibition opening on the 21<sup>st</sup> of April. The exhibition titled &ldquo;ESPLIN&rdquo; features the art work of three members of the same family, the father, Tom Esplin, and his two sons, Clark and Ron. Tom died in 2005, Clark now lives in Auckland and has hung up his palette, and Ron continues to paint in his studio in Jetty Street.<br /> Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours:<br /> It is of interest to note that each artist chose to execute their paintings in different medium, perhaps through serendipity, or the result of a subconscious desire not to tread on one another&rsquo;s artistic toes.<br /> Tom was predominantly an oil painter, painting by using a palette knife to apply the paint in a style known as &ldquo;impasto&rdquo;, while Clark painted in acrylics with brushes, and Ron continues to paint in watercolours.</h2> <h2><strong>Family Reunites in Art Exhibition:</strong></h2> <h2>The three family members have exhibited together before, but not since February 1999.<br /> All three artists have travelled extensively, which is illustrated by the choice of subject matter in the exhibition featuring scenes of Europe, South America, Canada, and Asia for example.<br /> Ron and Clark and father Tom would jokingly refer to their involvement in art activities as &ldquo;The family Firm.&rdquo;<br /> In 2007, two years after Tom died, Clark and Ron published the &quot;ESPLIN&quot; book, an account of Tom and Edith&#39;s sixty years of marriage, travel and work together. The book features diary notes by Edith, and they are matched by Tom&#39;s paintings. It is not so much an Art book or a travelogue, but more a sixty year love story.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> TOM ESPLIN BIO:<br /> Professor Tom Esplin won an Andrew Grant Open Scholarship to attend Edinburgh College of Art, where he was dux in his year. After graduating as a Specialist Art Teacher from Moray House Training College he taught art in Scotland before he and the family emigrated to New Zealand. &nbsp;He held a lecturing&nbsp;appointment at Otago University&nbsp;for 30 years, &lsquo;retiring&rsquo; to full time&nbsp;travelling and painting in 1985.&nbsp;During this time he developed&nbsp;his trademark and unique palette&nbsp;knife impasto technique, which&nbsp;makes his work so distinctive.&nbsp;He was active in the promotion&nbsp;of art in Otago, both as President&nbsp;of the Arts Society and of the&nbsp;Dunedin Public Art Gallery Society. His work is highly sought after by collectors and art lovers alike.<br /> Fellow of the Royal College of Handicrafts, member of the NZ Academy of Fine Arts, member of the NZ Society of Industrial Designers<br /> <br /> CLARK ESPLIN BIO:<br /> Clark Esplin was born in St Andrews, Scotland, and came out to New Zealand with his family in 1954. He is the son of the artist Tom Esplin and his wife, Edith, also a painter. He was educated at John McGlashan College, Dunedin, Dunedin Teachers&#39; College, and the University of Otago. He is a member and former vice president of the Otago Art Society. He taught first in Otago, specialising in art at The Taieri High School, since 1976 he lived in Christchurch, where he is a life-member of COCA:- the Canterbury Centre of Contemporary Art. He is also a member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Art. He now lives with his wife, Margaret, in Auckland. He has been invited as a tutor at many successful adult art schools over the years. As a full time professional artist, he draws much of his inspiration from over twenty-five years of travel in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas.<br /> Dip Teach, Paul Harris Fellow.<br /> <br /> RON ESPLIN BIO:<br /> Ron was born in Edinburgh and painted recreationally from an early age before attending evening classes at Otago Polytechnic Art School in his home town of Dunedin prior to embarking in 1995 on a serious effort to develop his painting.<br /> He has had a studio in Jetty Street in Dunedin for the last 10 years as a full time artist, and although he paints in acrylics and oils occasionally, he now concentrates on developing his watercolour painting.<br /> Ron is an Artist member and former Council member of The Otago Art Society, and served several terms as a member of the Council of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery Society. He is also a member of Watercolour NZ, and The South Canterbury Art Society.<br /> Ron has exhibited from Auckland to Invercargill and has had work exhibited in Otaru, Dunedin&rsquo;s sister city in Japan, and is represented in the Dunedin City Council Art Collection and the Forrester Gallery in historic Oamaru.<br /> Some of his work has been used to illustrate books, for example his watercolour of Otago University was one of only two colour plates published in &ldquo;Oatcakes to Otago&rdquo; written by Donald Offwood and sold extensively throughout New Zealand.<br /> Ron spent a year as a regular contributor to Allied Press as a cartoonist, his &ldquo;Birds eye view&rdquo; featuring &ldquo;Albert Ross&rdquo;, a caricature of a Royal Albatross that appeared on the front page of The Otago Daily Times with humorous comment on local events and personalities.<br /> Ron has also published six books, notably &ldquo;In the Steps of my Father&rdquo;, a book of Ron&rsquo;s paintings of destinations that his father had visited before him.<br /> A series of books now numbering five, began with &ldquo;A Portrait of Otago&rdquo; and continued with books of paintings of Southland, Europe, Asia, and one recently published of Dunedin paintings.<br /> B.Com (Mktng.) Otago.</h2> To view images click on this link.<br /> <a href="/news/INVITATION-TO-ESPLIN-Tom-Clark-Ron-14-Apr-2017" data-object-ref="scm_news:70">INVITATION TO &quot;ESPLIN&quot; Tom, Clark &amp;amp; Ron</a>1492084800 TO "ESPLIN" Tom, Clark & Ron