"Window on Dunedin" Mini exhibition of Ron Esplin Watercolours of Dunedin - 7th Jun 2012

24 hour a day exhibition a dream come true:

Any artist would leap at the opportunity to have an exhibition that runs 24 hours a day, has high passing foot traffic, does not need to be manned, and is at no cost.
A dream come true? Well it came true for me when I entered the ANZ at 71 George Street and asked them what they did with the little cubbyhole wndow space that faced into the Main Street in Dunedin.

Two week slot in the first two weeks in June:

The teller directed me to the lady who administers the space , and as luck would have it there was a two week slot available in the first two weeks of June. 
I had not counted on my still being on crutches after my hip replacement operation, the supreme optimist in me assuming I would be leaping around like a rabbit within a month of surgery.
Ingenuity is required to transport the nine paintings and fill the space while two arms are still providing mobility on crutches!

Crutch contortions and dogged determination wins through:

I will not bore you with the details, but I did it, and am pleased with the resulting exhibit.
Take a look if you are passing along George Street and see if you agree. "Window on Dunedin" is a collection of nine watercolours with a focus on Dunedin and surrounds. 

"Window on Dunedin" Mini exhibition of Ron Esplin Watercolours of Dunedin runs to 15 June 2012.

Access the website and photograph on the following link:

"Window on Dunedin" Mini exhib ... ion of Ron Esplin Watercolours

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