Ron Esplin participates in an unusual commission of art - 17th Jan 2012

Ron Esplin participates in an unusual commission of art

U.S. authors find Esplin website and ask for Artworks:

The wonders of the World Wide Web have led to an unusual commission for me.
After finding examples of my work on the internet, the United States based authors of a children’s book commissioned me to paint several landscapes based on the Dunedin area.

Uno Mundo:

Entitled Uno Mundo (One World), the book will show the adventures of two young characters playing a game of Uno around the world. Authors Aliya Caler and Aviva Palmer have commissioned artists from places as diverse as Bali, Tunisia, Mongolia and Thailand to contribute images of their own countries. The characters — drawn by Kenya Von Zepplin — will be digitally overlaid.

NZ Esplin works now completed and dispatched:

The authors were pleased with my contribution, and asked me at first to add some characters of my own in the New Zealand section, and later requested that I design the final page of the book.

It has been a fascinating process, I have really enjoyed being part of it, and I have been honoured to participate. I now look forward to seeing the completed publication.

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