Celtic Art for Celtic Arts Festival - 9th Nov 2011

Celtic Art for Celtic Arts Festival Art works for the Celtic Arts Festival: 
The Organizing Committee of the recent bi-annual Celtic Arts Festival approached me to arrange art work to complement the activities they had planned over September and October. The result was a Celtic Theme that was adopted by the Otago Art Society for their exhibition at the Art Society galleries in the Art Station. This theme put artists on their mettle to produce art with a Celtic flavour, and the members rose to the occasion admirably. I personally met the challenge by producing a view of Edinburgh Castle impaled by a giant Celtic Cross and the title "Dun Eidyn"  referred to the Celtic stronghold that was the predecessor of the Edinburgh Castle we are all now familiar with. It takes little imagination to see the root of the name of our own City of Dunedin in the Celtic title.
Art formed a Celtic backdrop in the Community Gallery:
Running at the same time as the Art Society exhibition at the headquarters for the Celtic Arts Festival in the Community Gallery was an exhibition of Celtic art work by myself, Pauline Bellamy, Manu Berry, Marilyn Webb, Erin Anson, Heather Dunckley, Philip Madill, and sculptor John Kena.
These works struck an imposing backdrop to the varied musical events, workshops, and dance activities of the Celtic Arts Festival.
Celtic Arts Festival 2011 a success:
The Celtic Arts Festival was a successful celebration of things Celtic in Dunedin, and many musicians and enthusiasts descended on Dunedin from all points including many visitors who had come to New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup.
Red Hot Chilli Pipers fill the Town Hall:
The celebrations ended uproariously with a show in the Dunedin Town Hall by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers who presented their unique amalgam of Celtic bagpipe music and Rock.

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