The Arty Farty Hour now on Otago Access Radio - 31st Oct 2011

Ron hosts the Arty Farty Hour on OAR 105.4FM The Arty Farty Hour hits the airwaves:
I am now hosting an hour long radio programme every second Saturday at 11AM on Otago Access Radio which broadcasts on 105.4FM. 
The Arty Farty Hour is a radio Programme of facts and fiction about Art and features local and international art topics.
So what are the contents of the Arty Farty Hour?
"Painting 101" is a  section on painting starting with watercolour
painting and continuing as a series from show to show. The first show looked at materials from brushes to paper and paint.
"Arty People" is a guest section featuring New Zealand Artists or people in the Art business. My guest on the second show was Andrew Cook from Artzone, a framing and art materials store in Hanover Street in Dunedin. Andrew had some surprising and interesting information to share about the make up of watercolour pigments, and also gave some hints and tips about framing.
 "The Art Clinic".provides an opportunity for listeners to email paintings to me for guidance and advice to be aired on the programme. Fay Mitchell was the first contributor with a fine watercolour of the Moeraki Boulders near Moeraki in North Otago.
 "Arty Facts". gives me an opportunity to talk about a famous artist, or art news. I enjoyed recounting the life and times of Van Gogh in the first programme for instance, a man that painted 900 paintings over a ten year period only to sell one painting in his lifetime.
Even the music is about Art:
In addition all the music played on the show has an art connection and what fun it is to look for these gems. "Vincent" by Don McLean was given an early airing, and "Mona Lisa" by Nat King Cole will take a turn some time in the future.
How can you join me on The Arty Farty Show?
Why don't you join me  on the Arty Farty Hour as I explore the world of art, digging up facts, busting a few myths, and talking with guests from a wide range of arts backgrounds. Just tune in to 105.4FM or use the link below to stream or hear a podcast.
Green Island Gallery are my sponsor for the show:
The Arty Farty Hour is kindly sponsored  by the Green Island Gallery at 194 Main South Road. The Green Island Gallery proudly supports the many local artists who make Green Island, Saddle Hill, Brighton and beyond such a vibrant hub of creativity.
An ever-changing range of original artworks, from paintings to carvings and pottery, are on display and available for sale at prices to suit all budgets.
They even run art classes for children and adults, fostering the next generation of budding Rembrandts.

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