Ron and Clark Esplin chosen as inaugural artists at Terrace Downs high end resort - 3rd Dec 2010

Ron and Clark Esplin chosen as inaugural artists at Terrace Downs high end resort  Brothers Ron and Clark Esplin are to launch their collection in a new initiative at high end resort destination Terrace Downs.

Terrace Downs High Country Resort is to hold its Premier launch of “The Gallery” by way of an exhibition of the works of the renowned artists, Clark and Ron Esplin. The paintings are a wonderful selection and example of true masters at work .

Their works are to coincide with the launch of Terrace Downs newest initiative “The Gallery”.

Newly appointed Director of Arts, Rachael Inch comments “The main focus for this initiative is to create a modern yet relaxed atmosphere where we can encourage and welcome new guests to the resort to enjoy all the services we have to offer. This opportunity allows us to help promote and support our local and national artists by providing a picturesque backdrop to display and sell their works on both an international and national level. It also means that the Selwyn District can celebrate and embrace our rich and diverse NZ culture through the love of art.”

It is therefore appropriate that the first two artists to exhibit are Clark and Ron Esplin whose family are well known to Canterbury art lovers.
“Both Clark and Ron Esplin produce paintings which bring a strong sense of beauty and vitality to their environments, and that’s not something we see every day.The intricate detail and composition of colour and shapes in the paintings are extraordinary” says Rachael.

In 1952 Tom Esplin, Ron and Clark’s father, received an Imperial Relations Trust Scholarship which brought the Esplin family to New Zealand on a teacher exchange with Oliver Cox, the art teacher at Otago Boys High School. The Esplin family settled here permanently in 1954. As the boys grew up the Esplin household was surrounded by art and conversations about art, which is reflected in the maturity and sophistication of the brother’s works.

Clark’s signature paintings are urban or village and people scenes which are full of energy and warm, earthy colour. He is attracted to the timelessness of activities such as shopping and chatting on the streets and these become sources of inspiration. He is fascinated with the interplay of light and shade in his subject matter and the shapes and curves in his compositions.

Ron’s signature paintings are watercolour pieces that are also heavily influenced by the New Zealand landscape. His works show range of colours that integrate with each other to provide the viewer a sense of excitement and personal connection.

Both Clark and Ron’s paintings have been exhibited, displayed for many years and loved by art enthusiasts and buyers throughout New Zealand.
The Paintings are available for viewing from Saturday 4th December at 1pm Until 31st Jan 2011, with a special launch and opening from to 2.30pm Saturday 4th December.

Entry and refreshments are provided for $15 per person.

For further information about the paintings or the event work, please visit

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