Ron Esplin Tactile Art Work Chosen for new book "Calligraphy All Over The World" - 6th Apr 2010

Ron Esplin Tactile Art Work Chosen for new book "Calligraphy All Over The World"
Margaret Shepherd has chosen to include Ron Esplin Tactile Art work in her upcoming book, "Calligraphy All over the World"

Ms Shepherd is currently writing Calligraphy All Over the World, for publication September 2011 by Watson Guptill, a division of RandomHouse.

 Margaret Shepherd
Margaret Shepherd is a well-known calligrapher and author. Her 16 published books have helped make calligraphy accessible to a large public worldwide, and have advocated written correspondence. She has researched, taught, written, freelanced, and exhibited extensively. She created the Boston Calligraphy Trail. For years she also delivered an annual standing-room-only talk on handwritten notes in business at the MIT Sloan School, and gave the 2006 commencement address at MIT’s “Charm School.” The Art of the Personal Letter is her most recent book. She has studied Arabic calligraphy in Uzbekistan and Chinese painting in Vietnam, and taken lessons in Chinese, hieroglyphics, and Greek. She lives and works in Boston’s historic Back Bay neighborhood.

Ms Shepherd’s 45-year career as a freelancer has ranged from lettering thousands of MIT diplomas, and restoring ceiling inscriptions in classical Greek at Boston College, to creating honorary degrees and scrolls of retirement, and designing a signature logo for chef Jacques Pepin. She has consulted in industry on the design of a calligraphy preservation spray. In her role as an authority on the written letter she has been quoted in Newsweek, and drawn by Hirschfeld; she was featured in a TV news magazine segment on Channel 5 Chronicle, interviewed by Liz Walker, twice profiled at length in the Boston Globe, covered online by Christian Science Monitor and Publishers Weekly, and interviewed by Lisa Mullins for “The World” on National Public Radio at WGBH and by Lisa Simeone for “Weekend Edition.” Kiplinger Personal Finance interviewed her at length in May 2003 for their regular feature, “Shop with the Expert,” about how to choose a fountain pen. Her most recent book was reviewed by Janet Maslin in the New York Times.

Margaret Shepherd

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