Free Ron Esplin fine art print with Julie Woods inspiring book - 1st Dec 2009

Free Ron Esplin fine art print with Julie Woods inspiring book "How to make a silver lining":
My partner Julie has published a book entitled “How to make a Silver Lining” and subtitled “From hospital waiting room to 10 years blind party”
In the book she outlines “8 keys for adapting to extraordinary change”, keys that you can adopt to alter your life for the better, and achieve the goals that you desire.
Julie's vision:
In her own words;  “My vision is to help ordinary people adapt to extraordinary change and in the process make them unstoppable. My first step towards doing this is to self publish my book "How to Make a Silver Lining" in which I identify 8 keys for adapting to extraordinary change. I discovered these 8 keys in my first 10 years as a blind person and now I want to share them with the world.
If you’d like to order a copy of my book you can do so through the products section of my web site."
Special offer:
"The book is $29.95 with free postage anywhere in the world! Plus – the special offer is that your book will be accompanied by a hot pink A4 sized print of a water colour painted by my partner Ron Esplin"
Cooking without looking:
At the launch of the book an acrylic entitled "Pink Gerbera" was auctioned and fetched $360 that went towards the establishment of a "Cooking without looking" Trust with the object of getting blind people into their kitchen. So visit her website at to learn more, order a book and take up the special offer.

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